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Portfolio 6

I went to the south island for travelling during the inter-semester break with Lily and two other friends. We travelled to many places in the south island. The trip was not as smooth as what we had expected. In Christchurch we got attacked by a white guy who was drunk. He was walking on a sidewalk with his friends. We just came back from a shopping mall, carrying a lot of things. He walked towards us and hit us on the arms and then said ‘I love Chinese, I love Chinese’ and then his whole group laughed. We didn’t know what to do as it was at around 7 pm. and it was dark already so we just thought of our safety and tried to walk away from them as fast as we could. Despite this awful experience, we had a great time though. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery, and I saw snow for the very first time in my life. In Queenstown, we went to an Asian shop, and I saw a lot of Thai instant noodles, the exact kinds that I like and that I can’t find in Auckland. Thai instant noodles seemed to be the cheapest in that shop. I bought a lot of them, and ate those for almost the whole trip in Queenstown. What I noticed about the south island was that there seemed to be more of white people than any other ethnic groups there, while in Auckland you can see people from many ethnic groups. I really enjoyed the time in the south island as it gave me a good break from studies! I took a lot of photos and uploaded them on Facebook so that my family and friends could see how much I enjoyed life in New Zealand. The happy time did not last long…finally we flew back to Auckland after quite a long trip. Life in New Zealand was not bad at all. At least I could enjoy the inter-semester break! There were some new comers at the dormitory in semester 2. A group of four Korean girls were also new. We became friends very quickly as they were very nice, cheerful, and lively. These Korean girls were international students from an exchange program so they studied in Auckland for only one year. We hung out often. I took them to a Thai restaurant, and they really liked the food. I was not so lonely anymore…I made some more good friends. This was a good beginning for my second semester last year.