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Outline for Business Plan

"Think Link Things Organize"

Think Link Things Organize

Thesis: Business plan about setting up “Think link Things Organize” company

Slogan: “Think link Things Organize, Delightful events and Everlasting memories”

I. Detail s of the business

                We are the organizer was established under basis of E-sarn culture. We create event by integrate Thai regional culture to attract customer from their subconscious.

A: Name of business

Think link Things Organize

B: Type of business

  1. Partnership

C: Owners

  1. 3 owners

D: Headquarters

  1. O-zone tower, 2nd floor  Theparak Rd, Khon Kaen

E: Location


                2. Kalasin

F: Division

  1. Organize wedding and events in Northeast of Thailand

II. Personnel details

 A: Founders

  1. Mr.Satayu  Lao-un
  1. Bachelors  degree of business English, minor of Hotel Management
  2. 5 years experience in wedding organizer and make-up artist
  3. In charge of  producer
  1. Miss Ajchara Ploypech
  1. Bachelors  degree of business English, minor of Public Relation
  2. Internship at Sofitel  Krabi PhokeeYhra Golf and Spa Resort in Sales department
  3. In charge of public Relation and Marketing Communication Manager
  1. Mr.Amnuay Jitklang
  1. Bachelors  degree of business English, minor of information management
  2. Freelance programmer for 2 years
  3. In charge of art & stage director

B: Company’s background

  1. Founded  in 2007 as wedding organizer in Khon kaen  province
  2. In 2010, expanded to an event organizer
  3. In 2011, extend new branch in Kalasin province
  4. 2012, run business cover all 4 parts of Thailand

III. Personnel

  1. 3 shareholders
  2. 1 producer
  3.  1 public Relation and Marketing Communication Manager
  4.  1 art & stage director
  5.  1 art & stage assistant
  6.  1 costume & makeup artist
  7. 1 costume & makeup artist assistant

IV. Product/ services

  1. Organize wedding and delightful events with culture show provider
  2. Costume rental provider

V. Market

A. Target market

1. Local public’s event such as wedding, ceremony ordination

2. Public’s event such as product grand opening

3. Foreigner who would like to set any event that involve Thai regional culture such as wedding in Thai style, product grand opening with Thai culture show

B. Main competitors

1. Other organizer company such as Design Ngam Creation, E-san Plus Event Marketing, and BBK Stagehandteam

C. Differences

1. Integrate delighting Thai regional culture into an event

2. Trustworthy organizer with more than 5 years experience in northeast of Thailand

3. Focus on the customer or events that need Thai regional culture style

VI. Marketing

  1. Offensive marketing strategy
  1. Word of mouth
  2. Letter directly to customer
  3. Boucher
  4. Poster
  5. Billboard
  1. Internet/ website
  2. Local radio and local media

VII. Premises

  1. Think link Things organize company  is located in delighting culture and business areas
  1. Khon Kaen : Headquater
  2. Kalasin branch
  3. Social network ; Facebook/ Think link Things organize

B) Machinery

1. Audio visual equipments

2. Stage and back drop

3. Pick-up

4. Dresses and accessories

5. Cosmetics

6. Mascot

VIII. Objectives

  1. Become well-known as the event organizer, cover 4 parts of Thailand.
  2. Future plan
  • Expand new branches into 4 main parts of Thailand such as Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Udornthani and Phuket.
  • Create more bilingual Advertising to attract more foreigners such as radio, poster, billboard, and English sale representative.