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Portfolio 7

In semester 2 last year I had a new neighbor, James (pseudonym) from Scotland. He arrived during the inter-semester break. James was very friendly. He made a lot of friends within a few weeks after he arrived. At the beginning of that semester, people liked to gather in his room at night. They were drinking, listening to music, and chatting. They even shouted when they were drunk. It was so noisy every night. I normally studied at night, but now I couldn’t as his room was so loud, and I could not sleep well either. This happened for almost about two weeks, so I decided to talk with James about the noises. The noises still continued even after three times asking him to stop gathering at night. James did not seem to care. I started to get sick because I did not have enough sleep almost every night. I was so worried about my studies as I could not concentrate because of the noises. Every evening after class, while I was walking back to my dormitory, I felt like I was walking to hell, not knowing whether or not I would be able to sleep at night. “What about my studies if I am sick like this?…but where to go?…this is my dormitory…the only place that I can go back to,” my mind was filled up with these thoughts. Finally, I decided to talk with the residential manager. He recommended me to buy earplugs, and he said he would talk to James. I did buy earplugs, the most expensive and softest ones that I could find in the shop. But earplugs didn’t seem to work well with me as I found them irritable while I was sleeping. After a few days I went to the manager again asking whether or not he talked with James already, he replied “No”. I was very disappointed with his answer. I said to him, “I really need quietness as I can’t concentrate on my studies at all. It is so hard for me to read and write in English. If it is loud like this, I cannot study and I cannot sleep.” He said that he would talk with James soon, but I didn’t think he did as the noises still continued. I was so worried about my studies as I couldn’t study at all…I got a terrible headache almost every night. For many nights I sat there in my room crying, not knowing what to do. “Nobody seems to care at all. This is a university accommodation where all students should come here to study. How come my neighbor always gathers with friends, drinking and causing me trouble? Are their lives so easy? What am I doing here if I cannot study? What will my scholarship supporter (my school) says if I cannot finish my education?” There were a lot of thoughts coming to my mind. I didn’t think I was able to take it anymore. I contacted a staff at Royal Thai Embassy in Australia who takes care of Thai scholarship students in Australia and New Zealand. He advised me to move out or go to the manager until he did solve the problem. I didn’t want to choose his first choice because I already paid for the whole year accommodation, and this accommodation was quite convenient for me, and most importantly I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I move out? That was what I thought. Therefore, I would choose his second suggestion, ‘keep going to the manager until he solved the problem.’