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Project Component Guidelines – Advertisement Poster

This assignment is the first form of media advertising you will create for your business.  The information included with the poster should give the reader a quick but comprehensive view of your product/service. 

Below are more specific guidelines for the advertisement poster component of the project.  Please try to follow them during the course of the semester: 

  1. The following pieces of information should be included in the poster:

    1. Name and logo of company
    2. Name of product/service
    3. Discreet point details on the purpose, functions, and benefits of the product/service
    4. Slogan
    5. Promotional information
    6. Locations
    7. Brief contact details
  2. Sketch out a layout of your poster which blends the above (in text) with illustrations to show a balanced orientation of content for the eye to follow.
  3. Illustrate your product/service clearly so that the viewer can easily identify its purpose.  Use concepts like before/after, product range, competitors, target customers using your product/service, flow charts to show a sequence, locations (if important).
  4. The ratio of text to visuals should be about equal, not too much or little of either, but enough to get the message of your business across thoroughly to the reader.
  5. Be creative in your layout, words and visual design.  Think of adding humor, surprise and current topics of interest to your text and visuals.  A clever poster can persuade readers to become your customers immediately. 
  6. There will be multiple drafts of your poster.  Follow your teacher’s feedback carefully when making a new draft, especially in regards to spelling, font size, color, contrast, background, and overall content. 
  7. Prepare final color drafts in both A4 size (to be put into your portfolio) and A3 to be displayed during your presentation (towards the end of the semester).