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English conversation

Asking for and giving directions Situation 1: Somebody is asking for directions to MWITS’ First Aid Room.

A: I have a terrible headache/ stomachache. Could you tell me how to get to the first aid room?

B: Yes, sure. Just walk to MWITS Building  1. The first aid room is on the first floor in the building opposite to MWITS Building 1.

A: Oh, that should not be hard. Thank you very much.

Situation 2: Somebody is asking for directions to the dormitory office.

A: My room key does not work. Is it possible to tell me where the dormitory office is? I think I need to change the key.

B: The dormitory office is just next to the first aid room, in the same building.

A: Thanks a lot for your help.

Situation 3: Telling directions to Pra-ubaleekunupama Auditorium

A: I am going to participate in an activity held at Pra-ubaleekunupama Auditorium. Do you have any idea where it is?

B: The auditorium is located in the same building as the school cafeteria, but it is on the second floor.

A: Thank you.