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Portfolio 10

 After I have encountered both positive and negative experiences in New Zealand, things here reminded me of my foreign friends who used to live in Thailand. They faced with a lot of difficulties living in Thailand especially concerning the language because in Thailand people don’t know much of English. Not many people can communicate using English. Very often, there were some misunderstandings because of the language and cultural differences. When my foreign friends experienced some problems regarding the language and cultural differences, they usually talked to me and asked me for some advice. I gained their trust that way. I was always willing to help them with anything at all that I could do to ensure that they had a good time in my country. Some of them have already gone back to their home countries, and we still keep in contact. They promise to come back to Thailand again as they really like Thai people, Thai food, and beautiful places in Thailand. We have a very nice friendship there. 

In the foreign language department at my school, teachers are from several countries; i.e. China, Japan, Germany, France, and America. All of us got along well with each other. We hung out together…sometimes we took them to good restaurants, beaches, and Thai festivals. Most of my foreign friends have good memories about Thailand and Thai people. Some of them talked to me on Skype and said that they couldn’t believe the news about the protest against the government in Thailand where a lot of people were killed because all the Thai people they met were so nice. There are both positive and negative sides everywhere. My friends may have experienced more of the positive sides during their stay in Thailand. I may have experienced more of negative sides, and those seem to affect who I am. But there are some positive changes out of the bad experiences as well. For example, I appreciate being a Thai, Thai language, Thai cultures, and Thai food even more while I am in New Zealand than I did when I was in Thailand. And another positive change is that I am strongly determined to help my foreign colleagues/friends to settle into my country even better than I did when I was there.