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Portfolio 8

I went to the manager the following day and asked him whether or not there was any room available that I could move to. He told me there was no room available. And I could not live like this either, or else it would affect my health and ultimately my studies even worse than this. So I told him that if he didn’t do anything, I would ask Royal Thai Embassy to write a formal letter to him asking him to solve the problem. Immediately, he said he could swap me with another guy from China who caused his neighbor a problem as well. He talked with that guy about his neighbor’s complaint in the same morning before I went to him. I thought of my health condition at that time without enough sleep for approximately three weeks so I asked him whether or not it was possible to move James instead of me. The manager said James was not wrong. After I heard that I was so surprised why he thought that was not wrong even though I came to him talking about this several times already. And he didn’t even talk with James even though he said he would. I walked back to my room, feeling like a loser, questioning why he thought James was not wrong. I know that the students who live at this dormitory are allowed to drink alcohol in their own room, but to cause other students trouble with loud noises at night time should not be allowed. In the regulations, it says after 10 pm. students should not make loud noises. After coming back from the manager’s office, I was sitting in my room reflecting on a conversation that I had with him a few minutes ago. In the conversation, he was asking me until what time they gathered, and I replied, ‘at midnight and sometimes until 1 or 2 am.’ He probably heard ‘at nine’ instead of ‘midnight’, so he said ‘at nine is not wrong.’ I didn’t want to argue anymore, and I couldn’t remember what he said exactly as I was so tired when I talked to him. But I knew he didn’t think that James was wrong, and he didn’t even mention the 1 or 2 am. that I told him. Anyway, I thought that there must have been some language problem that caused the miscommunication there, or perhaps he just didn’t care. After a while in that morning the manager came to my room handing to me a formal letter saying that I could swap with the Chinese guy in the following day. I went to James and told him that I would move to another room. Actually, James and I didn’t have any problem personally. Every time I talked with him about the noises, I asked him politely to keep the noises down. James always said ‘yes’ but he just didn’t do it. James was very popular, and everyone knew him. He was friendly and talkative. The manager even told me that he was a nice guy. Once I heard James telling his friends who were gathering in his room that I was moving to another room, and his friends laughed and said ‘Wow! You won! Congrats, James.’ I felt like a loser, questioning myself, ‘Am I in a wrong place? Or is it me who is strange…is it weird that I need a quiet place to study?’ I packed the whole night that night, hoping that I would get out of this room as soon as possible. I didn’t know what the other room would be like, would I have good neighbors? I didn’t care…any room but here, or else I wouldn’t finish my studies…that was all that I thought of at the moment. The second semester had passed, and I finished my studies for the first year. In the first semester in the second year, James had a new neighbor from Russia. This girl was doing her PhD. in Mathematics. Actually, she moved in to the dormitory during the summer holidays and was placed in a room next to James. James was travelling at that time. As soon as I learned that her room was next to James, I warned her about the noise problem and suggested that she request another room because during the holidays many rooms were still available. She insisted she would talk to the manager if there were some loud noises. Well, the history repeats itself…a few weeks after the first semester started, she came to me and said that she would have to move out as there were loud noises, and the manager wouldn’t do anything about that. Finally, she moved out. I felt so sorry for her and felt like it was unfair for a person who caused other people some trouble to be able to stay there still. But those who got trouble as a result of these noises and didn’t do anything wrong at all had to move out. I really felt like we were victims of this situation.