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Portfolio 1: Before my arrival in New Zealand

First of all, I would like to start with my immigration to New Zealand as an international student. Before I came to study at the University of Auckland in 2009, my school principal visited New Zealand, and he went to two universities the University of Otago and Auckland. After he went back to Thailand, he recommended me and some other teachers who got scholarships to study abroad to come to New Zealand as he really liked the friendly atmosphere of the places and people that he experienced during his visit. Our school also had a visit from an Auckland University staff. She presented us the education and life at Auckland University, and she showed us a lot of beautiful pictures of Auckland. Sure enough, this made me prefer Auckland than Otago. “Auckland sounds more popular than Otago and when people hear the word ‘Auckland’, they know immediately where it is…hmm…should be good if I can study in Auckland,” I thought at the moment. My imagination about Auckland was fantastic. Then I started applying for admission at the University of Auckland, the process went quite slow. I applied in early March 2008, hoping to get to study in July of the same year. Initially, I got admitted in the program for Postgraduate Diploma even though I applied for Master of Professional Studies because I had three years’ teaching experience as required in this degree. Well, I wrote again and had to wait until the program for admission had changed, but I could not come to study in semester 2 in 2008 as the process took quite long. This was something that was frustrating to me at that time because my principal always pushed me to come to study in semester 2, 2008. At that time, I had a little bit of negative aspect of Auckland, but this experience alone could not replace all the fantastic imagination about Auckland that I heard of or saw in the pictures. However, it was good to start in the first semester of 2009 when the weather was much better than in winter. Finally, I came to Auckland in late February 2009 with two very big luggages as if I wouldn’t buy anything more in Auckland and still could live for awhile with the things brought from my home country. As my first time living abroad, I hoped to experience good things and nice people just as what I heard from my school principal and from the university staff's presentation of the university during her visit to my school.

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Before my arrival in New Zealand
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